Hi there we watched a movie today called ”Sharkwater” and it was awesome it just came out and we are the first people to watch it in Hong Kong. It’s a documentary and I thought it would be kinda boring you know it doesn’t sound that interesting but I highly recommend it. It was about shark hunting the man who made it was Rob Stewart it was kinda sad and everything because when your watching it you see so many sharks dying the reason they kill the sharks is for the fins for fin soup a Chinese dish pretty good. The hunters cut the sharks fins off and then dump them off the boat without fins and the sharks die. It was kind of depressing the movie Β was about 2 hours and in that time I think it said 15 thousand sharks died. Well Rob Stewart almost died a few times too well watch the movie it was really good I thought it would be boring cause this is school hehe uh don’t show a teacher this.



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Making A Music Video

Well on Friday we filmed where is the love that I told you about earlier in another post. I Β was the director of my group and it was a lot of fun but it only lasted one hour :(. Some of the scenes where cool and some were made so the two people or one person fail. Now I know you have no idea what I’m talking about if you saw the video it would make a little more sense but heres how a fail scene works. We make the person or people crash into each other or person slip cause it looks funny but if you saw the video there are no fail scenes. Well thats because we were not supposed to exactly copy the video just copy the idea lolololool. We had a camera man a director (thats me!) and three actors and one of them was my friend eagle 11 (well their all my friends but well you know what I mean) Β  Β  Β TELL ME IF U DON’T

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man this is a long post

Blogging challenge #10

I wrote 46 posts,all of them were school based unless your talking about free posts but we have to make free posts,I got 77 comments,I got the most comments from the Iqbal book 7 comments I think because its about a poor boy and people want to know about him,I enjoyed the no license post because i could tell people that licenses are useless,Yes I have a few times because I just want to know what it would look like,I think I have enough widgets maybe a few more would be okay.

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Okay,so we went to camp and it was okay. So the food was horrible and the activities were boring worst camp yet. The cabins were really bad and there were TV’s but the teachers wouldn’t let us watch it. We did Sampan,cycling,Rock climbing,Tye-die,Great Race,Cave exploring,indoor games,cheer off. I was in Blue Ice and we won the cheer off with our cheer well the best team was Green Eyed Peas but they got eliminated because the teachers in their group sang with them.

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Festival of the arts

Hi,Im supposed to tell you wazzap with stuff. So were doing something called festival of the arts and basically some people come in and show us their tallent of art e.g :poetry,baking,singing,miming and it’s pretty cool except thatΒ a bit are boring. Another great thing is that we get to miss the classes we don’t like wooohooo.Β (I’d love to bake and cook)

butΒ I can’t

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Earth Day

Here is the link to Boomdiada Click HERE

I don’t celebrate earth day and if you ask me it doesn’t do much I mean one day? I know it is mostly to spread awareness but I think forΒ  some people thats their yearly energy savings day.

This was for the Blogging challenge witch I wish I wasn’t in except our teacher made us do it so there you go.

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If I ever see bullying I will go to a teacher or I will tell the bully to stop. I also might ignore the bully is he/she is bulling my enemy. I also might tell my parents and they will tell the school so I don’t look like a tattletale.

P.S I never got bulled I just had to do this post

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How I learn

Well today we were doing something that basically tells you how you learn here

It is so BORING Anyway we spent the whole 2 periods doing this taking a survey but we skipped MATH!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I do NOT like math

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NO License

I don’t want a license because I don’t want anybody to use my work. If they want work they have to make it and license are work and im not going through all that. For those who don’t know what im talking about this is a license you can have that tells people that you have a properties law and that you can’t or can use their work.

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History ristory

Hi im back I have to explain our central idea and stuff so here it goes. Our central idea is about people and places have history that we can uncover or thats what it looks like on the board. The teacher questions.
1.What is truth?(kinda corny question)

2.How do we know what has happened in the past?(better)

3.How do we know the accounts of history is accurate?(awesome!!! lolz:)

In class lately I have to explain what has happened lately in class.

1.We did a webQuest today and it was on the very LINK I put in this post.

2.At the beginning of this unit we had these huge papers and our teacher wrote all these questions on it and we wrote the answers on it remember we were rookies we SUCKED.

3.We also made timelines of our life we finished and everyones I saw was pretty good sooooooooooooooooooooo

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P.S. this photo is Apollo


Deadly day

Today is a normal day except that it is the MOST SEVERE air pollution day ever recorded in Hong Kong in 10 years. There is so much pollution today that there are no sports or anything that includes sweating or running around. The air pollution is recorded 50o and it is probably even higher because our pollution scales only go to 500! so you can imagine what its like to be here its insane.

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The blogging challenge#2

This post is to determine whether students should use their faces on their Blog.

I don’t really understand why students cant use their face on their Blog like if there is an assassin just because he knows what you look like doesn’t make a difference. I mean theres lots of kids on the street whats the difference Β he has all the kids in his city comment to prove me wrong.

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My holiday

On my holiday I went to Canada. It was fun because we first saw my cousins and we went to a hockey game. After that we went to a place called Banf and we went skiing the snow was about 3 feet or taller. After that we went back with our cousins we spent a night and then we went to Calgary and spent some time with friends. We went skiing and stuff after that we went to Vancouver and then to Hong Kong.

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Where Is The Love?

At class we are watching a black eyed peas song called where is the love. It is a cool song and the reason we are doing it is because we are studying human rights. Where is the love is a song that really shows that the world is losing love and that the world needs more love. Well we are also going to redo the song 5E style,so we are going to sing the song as a class so after a few weeks we will have our song ready and i will do my best to put it on my blog. This is where is the love. Thanks for watching/reading πŸ™‚

My blog facts Jan 27 2010

Hi everyone I am happy you came back to my Blog well I am telling you how many posts I have written so here it goes………………………..25.

Now my number of comments I will do this every once in a while so comment………………………………………..47.

And I am happy about my Blog and I am happy that people comment remember I will respond to any comment in a few days.

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Iqbal book

Hi everybody,I am here to tell you about the book we are reading in class it is called Iqbal. Weird name for a person huh well its a better book than the name. Its all about some kids that live in a carpet factory and Iqbal escapes and we only got to chapter 11 and I recommend reading this book.

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Hi Everybody

Hi everybody I am glad you came to my Blog to be a nice person comment on my Blog but I guess I have to tell you what my post is about. My old dog Pepper died so we got a new dog Macaroni and so far that dog is working out well the dog is really popular like Pepper and the dog is cute if you want to hear more about my new dog and old dog just tell me in the comments remember if one person tells me the want to hear about my new and old dog then I will do it.

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My student goals

This year our school decided to stop giving out report cards! Sounds crazy right? Well, actually it is a very interesting change in how we assess our own learning, how our teachers assess our learning and how the feedback from these assessments is delivered and shared with our parents and each other. The biggest change has come in the form of a personal student portfolio. At the beginning of this year, every student in Lower School was given a nice, big, red binder. Throughout the year we have been using it to organize and compile work we’ve done that exhibits our growth, our development, our struggles, and our achievements. It’s actually like a living and constantly growing ‘report card’. Inside you’ll find math work, writing examples, art, Chinese studies work, etc. We even include work from P.E. class, Music class and French class. Ms. Cahusac often comments on our work, writes feedback to help us improve and encourages us to stay organized and on track by showing the best ways to file our work and take care of our portfolios.

The best part of the portfolio is that you get to look at all the work you did over the year and it makes you proud plus it looks good in the plastic covers. And you get to bring your work home to your mom and dad instead of having a stack of paper and just recycling it. Its another way for your teacher to help you skip school too.

The bad thing is that it is really hard to organize and if you fall behind you will never catch up. And the portfolios take up a lot of room so half our class is taken over by portfolios. And if your mom and dad find out what you did bad your dead.

In November, during our learning updates and portfolio reviews with our parents and Ms. Cahusac, we established some personal learning goals to work on. My goals were to get better at multiplication,Chinese and participation but Ms Cahusac said I didn’t need to do that so that was the end of that goal. I think planning and working on personal goals is boring and I hate the feeling that I actually have to do it. I’ve been mostly successful in attaining my goals. Well not Chinese but my math is getting better I will never learn how to speak Chinese and as far as I know I don’t really care. This month I’m going to take care of my portfolio I am not sure what I am going to do in I t but I will find out. Soon I’ll have to start thinking about new goals! Things I want to improve on include a bit of multiplication and thats all I can think about now.

Overall, I’m happy that we got portfolios I am also happy we got to change the report card to A,M and E (approaching expectations,meeting expectations and Exceeding expectations.

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Christmas Time @ CDNIS

Hello welcome back and I hope you will enjoy this post because this is about Christmas time at CDNIS. Well at CDNIS we naturally have an assembly and we have these things when you get rewards and you have to sit through the whole thing but thats later in the week I’ll tell you what goes on in the week. Well we started out making 3D snowflakes those are really cool and we have these candy canes on the metal bars that are in our class Β but don’t think we are a poor school when a kid in our class broke a candy cane he got it and the people watching him are wondering if that was a good move cause i tell you that guy is lucky. Well I guess I also have to tell you that we are having an awesome party again and we will do it with lots of movies and one Halloween movie we didn’t finish last time. and there will be lots of food and we will have a Chinese party and thats pretty much it but Β a bunch of guys didn’t want to spend the last period of time watching movies so they might play soccer and thats Christmas time at CDNIS.

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My speech

Well In school we are doing things called 60 seconds in the spotlight and we have to do a 60 second speech. So i don’t really know what i’m gonna say for my speech but our unit of inquiry is on garbage and we have to do a speech on the environment. But thats where the catch comes in we get a roll of someones job like some people are local farmers and you have to say if you were that person what would you think complicated huh. The thing about that is that i’m not a local farmer i’m a Director of a paper recycling facility/centerΒ  in HK. Well i can use this time to write my speech but i decided to write to you so to be nice and make me happy leave me a comment and i’ll write back.

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Hi this is a Wordle just go to and you can get this awesome stuff. So you get a document or a URL for a website put it in Wordle and it shows you all the words you use the most by making them bigger!

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Picture 2

My day

Hi again well on November 18 2009 on Wednesday two days ago I had a weird day. Well it all started in the morning when I woke up blah blah blah I didn’t feel so good but nothing bad. Well when I got to school it got bad you know the whole day at school I felt bad but not horrible well in our class we have something called Macbook club so you can play on your Macbook pro. Well I stayed after school to play on my Macbook thats when I felt pretty bad so I went through Macbook club time I really didn’t feel good but when I got on the bus it was a different story. Well I had to hold my hands over my mouth because I felt like I had to vomit but when we were so close to my stop I let my guard down and kaboushe I puked so much that it pretty much covered the whole buses floor and when I got back home and told my mom I heard the good news that I didn’t have to go to school.

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Well we are starting a new unit of inquiry and it is called Garbage. I don’t know about you but there is this show called Bill Nye the science guy. It is a bit of a funny show but also pretty lame so well the effects are weird. Well I learned a bit from Bill Nye but this time it was that you could get plastic and rubber tires back into oil so that was nice to know but of course the factory causes smoke and that gets us back to stage one. Hey aren’t you annoyed from people and signs saying reduce reuse recycle well it gets on my nerves and it is going to a lot more they probably said that 6 times in the movie and i hate it well hope you give me some advice.

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My Holidays

On the holidays for Saturday I started off with tennis on Saturday. After that I pretty much spent the rest of the day lazing around. On Sunday I went to my friends house and he told me to meet him at the pacific club my mom brought me there so she had lunch with us. After lunch my friend and me went and played Halo after we played for 2 hours it was fun we were kicked out and we had to think of something else to do honestly I think that we cant be kicked out its mean. That night we ordered pizza hut and we played games lazily and watched movies happily it was cool.On Monday I woke up left my friends house and when I got back my mom got me a new book and that was the end of that day. On Tuesday I absolutely did nothing on Tuesday until hockey but after that nothing. On Wednesday I went to Disneyland and that was cool we went on space mountain a couple times but I went into this scary haunted house but it was a space ship and it is called alien something I don’t know but I know one thing SCARY! On Thursday I don’t remember what I did but I spent a lot of time at the house. On Friday I don’t remember what I did but I had tennis. On Saturday I didn’t do much I had tennis in the morning and I spent most of my time at home. On Sunday I went to church then I spent the rest of the day at home but I also did this model plane and I did more than I thought I would do. Then I had hockey we lost but I did score one goal and on assist but at the end I was close to scoring but I didn’t I accidentally shot it at the goalie was sad.

The end

Edited by Eagle 22

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Photo of the day

Every morning in our classroom we do something called photo of the day. Β We either put stickies on the door and our teacher Eagle Eye reads them and today we do it on the computer. Hello look at this picture really carefully,and you will realize that there is no top or bottom to the picture. This picture is trying to make you confused and if you ask me it is doing a really good job. AKA an optical ollusion.

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My Museum

Well at school we are making these exhibits and we are going to show everyone tomorrow and it will be cool. I know that we are a bit behind a guy Eagle 5 forgot to bring something today so now were dead if he doesn’t bring it tomorrow. Our project is on Evaporation and Condensation well we made these cards and then laminated them when we got them back it just said evaporation like we made them then justing disagreed and said it was condensation so we had a debate and I won. Our project is you have 2 cups and one of them has hot water in it and the water Evaporates and then Condensates on the glass. So I am under a bit of pressure everywhere but the good thing is that I am not buried under a pile of homework. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

hello come in

Hello welcome glad to see you I would like to set one thing straight that is you are welcome to do anything you want. And remember that leave a comment and it will be answered in about 2 days or less. And here is one game you should try out its plants vs zombies all the kids in my class like it exept for a few if you dont like it sorry for wasting your time Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


Well it is one week to Halloween and I am at school and I’m a hippie this Halloween. I didn’t win the Halloween contest but allot of people like my costume but I have an issue with people touching my hippie hair. We have a big Halloween party coming up and it is going to be fun cause there is going to be lots of food and drinks. I think I will spend most of my time in the food and drinks rooms and lots of time in the movie room. The Halloween costume contest was cool I was in for the funniest but I didn’t win I am not sure why. The guy who won didn’t have a very funny costume. I wish our teacher was a judge but thats why we didn’t win any of the contests.

When we got back from the assembly a teacher was our substitute. We started off by the teacher giving us a word and we had to make as many words out of it as we can and the word was Halloween. We made allot of words out of it it was cool. We couldn’t get the computer cubort open we needed the keys so while someone unlocked the cuport we played that game. It was an okay game and I got a couple of words like a five letter a three letter and a four letter I could have had more words but other people got it. I am typing on the computers that we couldn’t open up so long ago…………just kidding it was about five minutes ago.

We also did this thing after the assembly with our normal teacher it is called class community circle. Its basically everyone in our class gets together and talk and we do it every Friday. So what we do is at the beginning of every Friday we just pass a ball to everyone and we talk about anything. Then we did a game and its called concentration. It works like this you pat your lap clap then snap one finger and then the other. Once you got that down pat you do the clap thing then when you get to the snap part say your name. Then you do the whole thing over again but say another persons name then they do what you did and thats how you play concentration. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Climate change

Climate change is weather and it is global warming. Climate change gets caused by lots of things like the O zone layerΒ  and green house heating. Climate change can effect lots of animals like penguins and lots of plants. Climate change warms up ice burgs from the arctic and that makes the shore ligns over flow Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Eagle 17

How I Express Myself with Digital Technology

Hi again welcome to my blog my teacher told me to do this so here it goes. One way I express myself with digital technology is computers I love computers I use Macbook pros at school and they are mine and I am 10! I also like Ipods you know music videos and so on. Don’t forget TV’s they are another part of my life and even though this isn’t digital technology I LIVE FOR FOOD! Oh geese I forgot phones I love phones they are so cool and they can call someone from around the world now don’t get me wrong I am not some poor phone geek but they are awesome Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Eagle 17

A trip to Hong Kong Science museum

Well on october 21 we went to the Hong Kong science museum and we were looking for examples of exhibits. I liked the hall of mirrors cause you could just look anywhere and you saw hundreds of yourselves. I also liked the water exhibit it was water droppes moving so fast it looked like they where moving slow and some looked like they were going up but they were going down. I didnt like the giant light bulp all it did was sit there and it wasnt on so there really was no point. A plan for my own exhibit is to have a big tube and have a couple of mirrors and have some curves so when you look in it you either see the side or we could let you see up. I recommend that when you have an exhibit you should let the person think about something when they are going home and that would make it more interesting and cool so they would like to come back. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

How the world works

Well we are starting a new unit ad it is called how the world works. I am not so sure what its about and I would tell you if I knew so we are ending our old unit about matter it was a pretty cool unit I also liked the expeirements and everything Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Eagle 17

Surfer Dog

Hi my name is Eagle 17 and this is the story of the surfer dog. One day in Hawaii a man called Albert was thinking he was thinking because he always had low expectations. Everywhere he went people laughed so that’s why he was thinking.

He thought and thought and then he thought about doing something with a dog a dog surfing and that is what he did. Albert put posters all over the island telling people what he was going to do and all the people came. The dog got on the board [the dog had lots of experience] and off the dog went when the dog finally fell off the board but was okay since the dog had a life jacket the people of the town stopped counting at 74. The news was all over the world and that was life changing.

In the end the Albert was famouse and was really rich after what he did and 20 years later he was thinking about the time when he got a dog to surf Thanks for reading πŸ™‚surfer dog

Typhoon day

Today my mom woke me up right when my alarm clock went off. It was kind of weird,and I remembered last night when my window was constantly banging and I thought it was going to bust. It was kind of boring just sitting down watching TV all day but I did go to my friends house. It was kind of disappointing when typhoon day was over but a cool part was when I was going to hockey and going through the roads,the water was three feet high it was unbeleivable. There were also lots of rocks on the road and I thought school was going to be canceled. The next day it was to no surprise that school was on and that is that. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚